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Where Do I Sell My Sample Packs & Loops?

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So you have this great talent for creating some great audio loops for your favorite genre and would like to know where to sell them? Did you know that you can sell one shots, sample packs, and instrumentals to make some serious dough? Yes, as much as making music is fun, many music professionals – (scratch that) – all music professionals are willing to pay for their building blocks and inspiration for their music. You can make real money in real-time right from the comfort of your living room and in your spare time. Here are are few tips to get you started on your way!

Get instant cash money for your sample packs

Now, lets get one things straight, the chances of blowing up overnight are not in anyones favor, but creating quality sample packs and beats can net producers 4-5 figures in a short amount of time. As with any business, it takes work to get to those numbers, but with some dedication and hard work, you can make a decent amount of change selling beats online.

Track you own success

As with any legit business, tracking data for growth is an important thing to do. Setting goals and tracking over time can help decide marketing efforts that are working vs whats not. has 3 SEO/Social Media specialists on staff to promote our vendor storefronts via search engines and social media. If you are unsure about marketing and tracking results, it is wise to reach out to other producers for advice as they most likely have been in the same situation.

Keep in touch with your buyers

Through our mailing list integration software, you can now keep in touch with your customers to know what works for them so you can make even more popular sample packs. Building a returning client base is one of the hardest things to do in the industry when starting out. Marketplaces are a great place to sell and build a reputation in the public eye.


Let us market your beats online

Yes, we will market of your digital content for you for free. You can keep your hard earned money for improving your life.
Whoever you are; producer, DJ, artist, movie composer, podcaster or sound engineer you should sign up for a vendor account to reach the ultimate marketplace to buy and Sell Audio Loops and samples packs. Get your very own free storefront today and begin to make cash today by selling your musical works of art directly to your buyers. All big producers begin with one bold move like the one you are about to make and always took the money.