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So you have this great talent for creating some great audio loops for your favorite genre and would like to know where to sell them? Did you know that you can sell sample packs or 1 shots online and make the real dough? Yes, as much as making music is fun, many music professionals – (scratch that) – all music professionals are willing to pay for their building blocks and inspiration for their music. You can make real money in real-time right from the comfort of your living room.

Unless you are a key player in the music industry with your own marketing campaign and a lucrative store going for you, selling your sample packs can be quite the daunting task. Not to worry because big bro is here to make sure you are not ripped off. All you need is a vendor account with us. None of that middleman stuff, just music production, nice and easy. We just hook you up with your willing buyer, that’s it! Below are the benefits you will enjoy as soon as you sign up for your vendor account and set it up to start selling your sample packs.

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This place is amazing. The aggressive social media promotion does to featured songs is second to none. I gained 1500 YouTube subs in a week! Thanks!

STACHLEY – Producer/Meme Lord

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